Our Services

Empower your business by utilizing our unbeatable services including BIM, CAD drafting and other value-added customized services. Step technical offers you cost-effective and time-bound services in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), engineering, drafting, and modeling services.


Our electrical engineers and draftsmen have in-depth expertise in all kinds of building systems and its LV and ELV systems. We seek to provide practical and economical solutions to building electrical systems which will help the front-end team to simplify the design and execution. We understand the criticality of the systems and provide assistance in ELECTRICAL & ELV systems in residential, hospitals and healthcare facilities, offices, laboratories, schools, hotels, and industrial facilities.  Our electrical engineering design includes the following:

  •   Normal lighting system
  •   Lighting control system
  •   Normal power system
  •   Containment system
  •   Central battery system
  •   Fire alarm & voice evacuation system
  •   Earthing& lightning protection system
  •   Information and communication system
  •   Other low current


Water and sanitation facilities of any building play a key role in every building, our dedicated team of engineers and experienced draftsmen are well aware of the local guidelines and help to prepare all kinds of drawing, schematics, preparation of BOQ etc. Our public health engineering design includes the following:

  •   Water supply, treatment, distribution
  •   Sewage collection, treatment, disposal, and reuse
  •   Sewage collection, treatment, disposal, and reuse
  •   Sewage collection, treatment, disposal, and reuse


The purpose of an HVAC system in a building is more than just warming or cooling a space, instead it serves to improve indoor air quality and provide comfort to inhabitants. Our technical team can understand the uniqueness of different projects, and this helps to prepare detailed documents like tender drawing, shop drawing, schematics, BOQ, etc. Our HVAC system design includes the following:

  •   Air conditioning & refrigeration
  •   Heating & ventilation
  •   Interfacing with building management system


Step Technical Services can provide detailed documentation of fire suppression systems like the hydrant system, sprinkler system, detection and alarm system, extinguishers, gas suppression system etc based on the guidelines of the local authority.  Our fire & life safety system design includes the following:

  •       CO₂ fire suppression system.
  •       Water-based system.
  •       Gas-based system.
  •       Foam fire suppression system.
  •       Powder-based system.
  •       Wet chemical fire suppression system


Accelerate your project delivery using the cutting edge technology. Our team has extensive experience in BIM projects in various types of buildings like residential buildings, commercial buildings, and social infrastructures. BIM is advantageous in all departments of the construction industry such as engineering, construction, fabrication, and erection; we offer our clients a quick BIM turnaround with a minimum time and cost. Advantages of our services are:

  •        Model-based cost estimation.
  •        Preconstruction project visualization
  •        Improved coordination and clash detection
  •       Reduced cost and mitigated risk
  •        Improved scheduling/sequencing
  •        Increased productivity and prefabrication
  •       Safer construction sites
  •       Better collaboration and communication


Step technical services if fully committed to provide our clients best and cost effective services. We undertake all kinds of customized services for our clients like:

  •        Tender BOQ preparation
  •        Vendor management
  •        Load schedule preparation
  •        Clash detection in MEP co-ordination
  •        Paper to CAD conversion
  •        CAD to BIM conversion etc.